Trading covers with alliance.

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So ever since i started this game. I always though why dont we trade covers with our team to help each other out. I know there are pro's and cons fod this method. But wouldnt it help some players (rookies) enjoy the game more. And not be mad at elite players for having the experince. I know alot of you players  have thought about this. But would it be nice to trade thoe. 
So just leave some with thoughts and  opinions about this. And if we really want this done. WE MUST BUG THE DEVS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. 


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    1) This goes against the business model of the game. They want covers to be rare, and hard to acquire, and to expire, because these things encourage us to spend money on the game. Making it easier to acquire covers by allowing trading would discourage us from spending to acquire those covers, and that's bad for business. It may sound good, but if it hurts the game enough to cause it to cease to exist, then that's a bad thing.

    2) It absolutely shouldn't be limited to alliances. That would make stronger alliances, the ones who are earning higher alliance placements, more powerful, and weaker alliances would be left in the dust. If trading were to ever happen, it should be an anonymous open market, so all you can see are the covers wanted/offered, so anyone capable of fulfilling the trade can make use of it.
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    I heavily played a now defunct X-Men game called Battle of the Atom, which allowed you to gift cards to friends, and trade most cards. While this was convenient for getting what you wanted (as many cards were rewards for events which would not be reissued in the future), it definitely consolidated power in the game and led to situations that were less than ideal to the community and the game as a whole. As much as I would love to be able to offer 5*covers I don't need to trade for those I want, it would heavily escalate the roster power you'd see as suddenly instead of most people having many under covered 5*s, you'd end up with even more people with a few maxed 5*s. It sounds nice in theory, but really messes with stuff like that. Not to mention being able to just run mpq on a dozen phones and gift all the good stuff forward to one main account. It would make things highly, highly abusable. 

    What could maybe be neat, which I have seen in games before, is being able to "lend" characters, almost like the current teamup system, to be able to help alliance members along without ownership changing place permanently. 
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