Champing Strategy



  • wingX
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    Some of the factors that I will look into before deciding to champ someone is as below:
    • how good the character is overall
    • is the character optimally covered, if not, champing the character will let me respec him/her
    • If I obtained a 14th cover of the character
    • how frequently I used the character and who I can team the character with

    Even though with this list, most of the time it can still be very hard to decide.

  • Warbringa
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    Ok so, six months later and some big roster decisions.  

    I have maxed Gambit (as my only champed 5*) so the nerf is going to really hurt.  Even though I only dabble in PvP, it is going to hit me hard in PvE where I used Gambit on all the harder nodes and alliance events. This nerf is rough for me from a time/effort perspective since I used Gambit as a crutch to clear the harder nodes quickly and easily.   

    I currently have around low 900k in iso saved up (going to get to 1 Million since its been awhile).  I have more HP than I know what to do with and no CP or tokens saved up.  I have been pulling for JJ but doesn't look like I will get there with her. Unfortunately I am closer to getting Hobo Cap fully covered.  Some questions about my roster for other vets out there. 

    1.) Selling Gambit?  I don't think selling Gambit for tokens is a wise idea, even though I think he is going to be bottom tier after the nerf (maybe they will give him a small boost when nobody uses him anymore but I doubt it). If I really played PvP a lot, this would be a much tougher decision for me.

    2.) 3* Farming - Is it worthwhile?  So far I have taken a hybrid 3* farming approach.  Those 3* that I get to 266 that are fed by 2*, I am duplicating and farming.  3* that are not fed by 2* I am currently not farming (unless it is a really good 3* such as IM40 or maybe a few others).  The iso drain for farming all 3* just seems to be too much for me when I still have several 4* that I can champ instead.  What are other players thoughts on this? Roster slots is not a problem for me as my HP gain is more than enough to keep up with new releases.  

    3.) My ultimate goal at this point is to get about 3 more 5* max covered (hopefully Jessica Jones, Black Bolt and Hobo Cap).  That would give me 5 more 5* that I could champ + Gambit who is already champed.  At that point I could either start playing more PvP or help speed up PvP now that Gambit is no longer going to be as efficient for me.  Would a combination of Thor/DD/Black Bolt/Jessica Jones/Hobo Cap and nerfed Gambit be enough to stay competitive in the 5* land?