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Character Stats?

heybubheybub Posts: 211 Tile Toppler
Seeing how this is, at least partly, a role-playing game, how about keeping track of player stats, kind of like a trophy page for the characters.

I see this as two fold:
1) Stats for each character
     - Most powerful enemy vanquished
     - Most damage dealt
     - # of Characters downed
     - # of matches
     - favorite partner (so character 
     - favorite power
     - etc.

2) Global stats
    - Favorite character
    - matches played/won/lost
    - toughest team beat
    - Best PVE/PVP ranking
    - Most perfect games (matches where player took no damage)
    - other fun stats

I really think this would be a great addition to the RPG element of the game.
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