King of the Hill

Something I have been thinking about: New Tournament type: King of the Hill. Some of the complaints I have seen on here regarding tournaments are:
Most of the tournament doesn't matter, its all about the last day and last 30 minutes specifically
People outside of US time zones at a disadvantage
See-sawing points

You still generate regular points in the same way for the Progress Rewards, but instead of the Placement Rewards being your ranking based on ending Placement Rewards, it is based on your overall ranking throughout the tournament - how long you could stay higher up the latter.

Once you have made your first attack and joined the tournament, you begin to score Dominance Points (or whatever) based on your ranking.

1-2 50 points
3-10 25 points
11-25 10 points
26-50 5 points
51-75 3 points
76-150 2 points
151-200 1 point

With this, final score doesn't matter, and would encourage everyone to try to keep their numbers up throughout the tournament instead of saving it all up for a big final push. People in other time zones would be on a more equal footing with US players. The last 30 minutes would be far less hectic. I think it would smooth the ups and downs some and give people a little more reason to play throughout.

The Dominance Points would be extremely high numbers (someone staying at 100 points throughout would be about 14400 while someone staying in top 25 would be around 72000 and mythical person staying in top 2 the entire time would come in at a mind boggling 360000 points!). Final prizes would be by Dominance Ranking.

So, what do you think?


  • Heh. Behold the deafening silence. I will take that as a resounding 'bad idea'. icon_e_smile.gif
  • I think it's an interesting idea. It may be a little difficult to fully explain in the little pop-up. The results would promote continued envolvment over the course of the tournament. The problems I see with it are that participation for the majority might slow after the first few days if they are too far behind. It might get too confusing with another set of points involved. I see that in other suggestions as well. Also, time zones might hold different advantages given that people usually sleep. A lot of that won't really be known unless the devs try it out, but it has an interesting twist on the current tournament.