Make special tiles strength more obvious.

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Since for the last few months of character releases, everyone and their mother seems to place or buff special tiles, how about we make them a bit more visible.

My suggestion would be to add an additional markers below the icon once the strenght goes over a certain value. (For example 1 marker = 100+, 2 marker = 500+, 3 marker = 1000+)

Now if someone with at least my paint skills would go about doing this, the result would look somewhat like this.

You'd see immediately, which enemy tiles you'll want to target and which friendly tiles you want to protect



  • Bowgentle
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    And for those 20k+ tiles after a few waves, you'll have 5 rows of 3 dots?

    Not a very practical idea ;)

  • Starfury
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    edited June 2017
    There's a reason why I only mentioned up to three markers.

    But you could also make it so 1 marker = 100+, 2 marker = 1000+, 3 markers = 10000+.
    You could even scale them by the starting health of the teams. (1 mark = 1% of a characters health, 3 marks = 10+% of a characters health)

    The scaling of those markers is a question of implementation, not if the markers made sense at all.