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Update: Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Removal of Online Support (6/1/17)

LakeStoneLakeStone Posts: 532ADMINISTRATORS Site Admin

Hello ATPQ Players –

On June 8, 2017 we will be releasing an update (v2.01) to the game which will have some big changes.

This version will remove our online support from the game. What does this mean for you?

– You will still be able to download the game and play.

– You will not be able to transfer saves between different devices.

– You will still be able to compete in Tourney Mode, but you will be playing against AI bots instead of actual player creations. This will make the game entirely a single player experience.

– You will still be able to purchase Magic Dust and Hero Coins, recruit characters, and craft new items, but we will not be able to offer customer support on these to remotely grant you items for any resulting issues.

– We will not update the title to address incompatibilities that may arise due to currently unavailable hardware or software.

Between now and June 8th, we will be crediting player accounts with some additional loot to enjoy.  We appreciate your support on this game and hope you continue to enjoy playing it!


The D3 Go! Team

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