Season Long PVP Combined Forces Sim

bob554 Posts: 169 Tile Toppler
As a 4* player (about 30 champed, no 5* above lvl 330) I regularly find that the only time I ever use my 2* is in the required node for PVE or in Deadpool nodes. My 3*s get some play in PVE and as the required character in PVP, but the 2*s just sit around.

My suggestion (and I can't take full credit since I've seen it mentioned before) is to incorporate the Combined Arms PVP into a season-long PVP event like Shield Sim.

This wouldn't have to replace Shield Sim, but they could sit side-by-side, with progression-only rewards. To prevent score blow-outs, instead of the devs raising the bar on season progression rewards, they could set the cap for both Sims at say 1500 points.

And I would finally get to see my 2* Hawkeye work with M4rvel for more than a few days each month!