Additional Info About Fortified Tiles (5/31/17)

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Hi Everyone,

There have been some questions lately regarding the changes to Fortify tiles, introduced in the most recent update, so here is Anthony from Demiurge with some more information:
Previously, Fortify tiles functioned very similarly to Locked tiles in that matching the tile did not do damage, give the player AP, or activate tiles that have effects when matched or removed. In R127, we expanded the use of Fortify tiles to increase their value and make them more versatile. 

Matching a fortified tile will behave as if you matched tile, but it will not be destroyed. This means that any tile that activates when matched will now be able to be matched twice! We are excited to design powers in the future to further take use of these changes. 

Below is a list of some of the Trap and Countdown tiles that will be directly impacted by these changes:

Trap tiles
  • Daredevil (Man Without Fear)'s Ambush Trap tile - Deals damage, creates an  Ambush Trap tile, and the original Trap tile remains
  • Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.EL.D.)'s Demolition Trap tile - All trap tiles are removed (no change. The destruction of the Trap tiles happens after the match has been made)
  • Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)'s To Love and Fear Trap tile - Deals damage and the Trap tile remains
Countdown tiles
  • Medusa (Inhuman Queen)'s Entanglement Countdown tile - Create 2 Attack tiles and the Countdown tile remains.
  • Daredevil (Man Without Fear)'s Billy Club - Gain AP and the Countdown tile remains.
  • Rocket and Groot (Awesome Mix Volume 2)'s Atomic Bomb Countdown tile - Deal Damage to the enemy team, your team, and the Countdown tile remains.
  • Deadpool (Uncanny X-Force)'s Countdown for What Countdown tile - Deals damage and the Countdown tile remains
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