Feedback for New Event Levels in Unstable Iso-8

RebeccaQuan Posts: 4 Just Dropped In

I signed up for the forum specifically to come here to leave feedback on the current event "test" being run in Unstable Iso-8.

I've been playing MPQ for a little over a year. I'm SHIELD Rank 54 and found the old Level 8 to be on the whole too difficult for me when I first reached Rank 52, so I've been playing on Level 7. Level 7 was playable but often got too difficult quickly, and it's only been in the last couple of weeks that I felt a good comfort level with the difficulties at Level 7-- I could occasionally, but not frequently, get to the 4* progression reward, for example.  The easy levels were easy, but not too easy to be fun to play with my lower-level characters, and the hard levels were hard and not always beatable, but were sometimes beatable with my highest-level characters.  That was exactly what I wanted from the level difficulty.

The "experimental" level difficulties are very frustrating for me, to the point that I have been having difficulties enjoying the game last night and today-- enough so that I signed up to post here about it.  The "easy" matches are much too easy and did not increase in difficulty after winning. These ones went too quickly to be enjoyable, and I don't have any characters at a low enough level for a level 23 villain to be challenging.  The level 30-40 range was a good beginning difficulty that I was satisfied with as it was easy enough to let me try out my lower-level characters without high risk but still challenging enough to be enjoyable with them. 

I was further disappointed that all the easy rounds were at the same difficulty.  23 as a starting difficulty would have been fine if successive matches had been at, say, 33 or 43 or even 43 and 63.  

In contrast, the "hard" matches are so difficult that they feel stressful to play. Starting at 155 for a clearance level that used to have more difficult matches begin at around 80 is much too high and I am finding myself stuck on progression much too quickly. I usually play this game to wind down before bed and it was so difficult last night that instead of winding down I found myself in tears from the stress of the high difficulty-- I'm used to playing this game for its calming effect and saving the hardest levels for when I am wide awake and looking for a brain challenge, but I was not able to do that and it was a pretty significant upset to my bedtime routine! 
I could go play a lower level, but that would mean the easy matches would be even MORE easy, which is not what I want, and I would not be eligible for the progression rewards that I've been used to being able to receive for fighting enemies in closer to the 80-120 range, and frankly, at the level I'm at, gamewise, the lower-level rewards are not much of an incentive.

I like the idea of tying difficulty to clearance level, but I'd really like to see the difficulty levels back to or closer to where they previously.