How do you deal with Carnage?

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This isn't meant in a snarky "yay, I'm so great" way, but I always *hated* nodes with Carnage. He was a damage sink, and i always came out of a fight needing at least one (usually 2-3)  health packs. Now I know some of this is just due to having some decent 4* characters that I can use now, but ever since I champed Medusa, I actually *like* facing Carnage.

Every time Carnage puts down 2 attack tiles for each team, it's like he's giving away 2 big ol' Bandaids for my whole team - and his attack tiles aren't really strong enough to worry about. After matching enough purple, you can steal them for yourself anyway.   So other than having to deny red, he's just not much of a threat. 

But that's with Medusa. 

For people who don't have Medusa yet (and you should definitely get her before she's gone from tokens) how are you dealing with him? Who else works well against him, since his revamp? 


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    Before I got Medusa decently covered, I used Squirrel Girl, along with, idk, someone defensive. Nuts from Above hits like a truck after a couple of Turns of Alien Instincts. While still in 2*, Moonstone*, I think, and MNMags just for the board reset from a big Iron Hammer.

    *I keep wanting to get the spare HP for a 0/0/5 Moonstone just to give out Control Shift teamups. The ones from the AI are always at 3 covers or less, so they can't steal Strikes.
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    Carnage and Mr. F go together like bacon and eggs.  Facing off against or paired with, Mr. F keeps your team fresh and healthy (as long as you max his Yellow passive and don't kill off all the opposing tile movers.)

    Doc Ock was my go to 3* as his passive feeds off Carnage, but I'd still try to eliminate Carnage ASAP.  Mr. F and Medusa turn Carnage into your last target because having him around keeps you health up.