ToZ 3.3

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So what is the opponents ability?
It just has generic text?

Secondly I just played and how is my opponent breaking a Cast Out when the support isnt removed?
I put on some stupid Masterpiece Consecration  Sphinx. It broke my cast out..... I then used Confiscation Coup.... the spell just disappeared.

Quit....waste of time


  • Gilesclone
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    I'm not sure, but there is a creature called Vizier of the Tumbling Sands that breaks disable.  Maybe it's using that?  It would totally ruin Cast-Out.
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    @Gilesclone is right here. Watch out for the red guy. Also read the card descriptions : one sphinx eats any kind of spells and gets disabled for a turn.
  • Monkeynutts85
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    He had a frog and a 7/8 mythic that kills something when it enters.
  • hawkyh1
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    combat celebrant can break cast out.

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    The final boss's ability does 5 things, one from each god.

    9: Gain 10 life, Deal 10 damage to PW, create 4 1/1 Warrior tokens with vigilance, draw 2 cards, and target creature gets +4/+0

    Combat Celebrant, as noted, can break disable.

    Pact of Negation was probably in play to "counter" your Confiscation Coup.

    To help you, his full decklist:
    Angel of Sanctions
    Consecrated Sphinx
    Combat Celebrant
    Aggravated Assault
    Cruel Reality
    Pyramid of the Pantheon
    Loyal Retainers
    Samut, Voice of Dissent
    Pact of Negation
    Champion of Rhonas
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    Can someone share a decklist that can reliably beat 3.3--while meeting all the objectives?  Since they nerfed the gods, I haven't found anything yet.  (Yes, he's easy to beat if you don't care about the objectives, but that's no fun.)
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    After one too many losses due to not drawing Cast Out, I finally gave up on my Sorin deck and switched to cycling.  It feels like cheating and it's boring.  But I'd rather take the easy wins and rank higher.  Innocence lost.