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Haven't received coalition rewards for 3 events... and now personal ones stopped too

stikxsstikxs Posts: 91 Match Maker
My first coalition even was the breaking points before the 2.0 update, never received the rewards for that when it was finally fixed. Did trial of zeal earlier this week, no rewards. Just finished trial of ambition today and as expected no rewards. Also didn't get the personal rewards for ambition, don't remember if they worked on zeal. I've put in 2 support tickets with no response.


  • julianusjulianus Posts: 188 Tile Toppler

    One possibility for the events this week is that you got the rewards, but did not get a notification. That happened to me, and I only knew I received the rewards because my crystal number was a bit higher, and when I checked my card collection I saw a rare that I didn't previously have (from the Coalition prize).

    It could definitely be a bug, of course, but it might be worth checking your cards (if you haven't already).

  • rafalelerafalele Posts: 395 Mover and Shaker
    Two events here without rewards and no answer to the ticket written to support.
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