Is Neheb, the Worthy good and how would you build around him

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So I pulled a Neheb, the Worthy as my first and only Amonkhet mythic.  It's interesting and seems like in the right space it could be good.  Not sure if there's enough good minotaurs to build a tribal or not.  Maybe perhaps a "discard" deck to keep the opponent empty of cards.

The walkers I have to work with currently: Chandra 1.0, Saheeli, Liliana 1.0, and Tezz 2.0.  I'm trying to limit to standard legal.

So what would build with Neheb?


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    Cards like Scrapheap Scrounger and Dread Wanderer would not be ideal to hard cast. But great for cheating into play. 

    With Neheb, you can cheat them into play easy from his discarding ability. He also works well with Embalm. 

  • KyokudaiKyokudai Age Unconfirmed Posts: 38 Just Dropped In

    I thought I'd update to anyone that actually looks outside of General:

    I've been running Neheb in my new Koth deck, and it is actually quite good.

    The List:

    Neheb, The Worthy
    Ahn-Crop Crasher
    Battlefield Scavenger
    Emberhorn Minotaur
    Scab-Clan Berserker
    Volcanic Rambler
    Painted Bluffs
    Unlicensed Disentegration
    Exquisite Firecraft


    Get 1 or 2 non-Neheb minotaurs on the field.  Keep the field clear of big things with Firecraft and Disentegration. Berserker clears out small things.  If the berserker has cleared the field I won't hesitate to replace her with Neheb.  Prior to dropping Neheb, exile from hand to leave just one card in hand after he drops.  Most of the time, once he is down it is game over.

    Scavenger can help pull up Neheb or Minotaurs and is a cheap body.  This piece can come or go.  The Rambler is just a good body that can do some board reset which can help out Koth most of the time.  I would probably replace these both for better alternatives.  Hazoret (if I had it) might be good since Neheb wants only one card in hand anyway.  Of course that is one less creature slot for a minotaur, though most games I usually have one minotaur, Neheb, and one other anyway. 

    Other possible replacements: Demolish for Violent Impact since it can cycle.  Rambler or Firecraft for Deem Worthy also because it cycles with bonus.

    It may not work at higher levels, but right now I get a kick outta this deck.

    So, what do you all think?

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    I use him for denial.  Him with Harald of anguish, transgress the mind, unburden, and that 6/6 rare guy that makes the opponent discard 2 when he etb.
  • mrixl2520mrixl2520 Posts: 240 Tile Toppler
    I opened him as well and I have a million okay ideas and zero great ideas. He's almost got too many things going on: buffing minotaurs, having first strike, discarding cards. He fits well in a lot of decks, but I want him in a deck where I can use all of his abilities to their greatest extent.
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