Please adjust coalition event schedule

majincobmajincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor
@Brigby can you please let the appropriate people know that running coalition events back to back with only 2 hour gaps greatly restricts coalitions ability to change rosters in a way that allows for players in a global game to not get ****?

The way it currently is set up:
  1. If you leave the coalition before the end of an event, you lose your coalition prize
  2. If you are kicked before you collect your prize, you lose your coalition prize
  3. If you join the coalition after the event starts, your whole team loses coalition prizes (due to worse overall ranking)
So coalitions only have a 2 hour window in which to ensure that all the outgoing players have collected their prizes and coordinate swapping, and have people come in. 2 hours is not enough time as some people will be at work, sleeping, not paying attention etc.

There should be at least 1 guaranteed 24 hour period each week for coalitions to have the chance to reorganize without having to shaft themselves or their players.

I suggest pushing Trial of Zeal (weekend event) back to starting on Saturday and compressing that event a bit. (like lowering max progression from 850 to 650 or something and not forcing us to slog through 4-5 days of what will become a hated event due to it's arbitrary and seemingly never-ending length)


  • ThéséeThésée Posts: 233 Tile Toppler
    Yes this is really important. We've created communities, groups of players biggers than coalitions, because team play, sharing and exchanging is a really cool thing. It is really difficult to keep this is alive now, simply because Trial of Zeal lasts 5 days 
  • PhasePhase Age Unconfirmed Posts: 157 Tile Toppler
    edited May 2017
    The real culprit is the ridiculous length of Trial of Zeal. @Brigby THE PLAYERS DO NOT LIKE THIS. It is WAY too long. Do a poll if you like- you know what the answers will be. Shorten Trial of Zeal so that it is over by Tuesday at the absolute latest. Earlier would be even better. 
  • James13James13 Posts: 663 Critical Contributor
    One pet peeve is someone else trying to say for me what "all players" like or do not like.  Why not phrase it as "I don't like this"?

    I like Trial of Zeal.  I'm not going to try to claim you do too.  Please don't try to use me and others with different opinions in blanket statements.

  • kauppilakauppila Posts: 48 Just Dropped In
    I don't think he was trying to say that he didn't like the event.  Just that the length of the event (lasting 4+ days), is extreme.  I myself prefer more, shorter events.  You get to pick and choose where to focus your attention, and if something comes up, you get another chance the next event to shine.
  • VolrakVolrak Posts: 657 Critical Contributor
    I agree it's too long, particularly with respect to the rewards.  As for why they made it this way - it may have been an attempt to address forum complaints of having "nothing to do" after QB was removed.
  • wereotterwereotter Posts: 2,064 Chairperson of the Boards
    Still feeling burned out from the last Trial of Zeal, and this one just started. I agree these coalition events needs to be looked at again. Progression rewards are too long and pretty underwhelming compared to previous, similar events.

    Perhaps with the drain and length, this should really be the Trail of Endurance ;)
  • OhboyOhboy Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,766 Chairperson of the Boards
    This entire game's history has been a long example of "be careful what you wish for". 
  • gruntfacegruntface Age Unconfirmed Posts: 161 Tile Toppler
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    I agree with that sentiment ohboy. 

    The devs have been expert in their interpretation of requests, to the extent you have to tip your hat to the masters.
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