Heroes for Hire Wasp worth it?

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Need some opinions.  My roster is in the link.

I have 3600 hero points (saved up, I didn't use $$$).  My Wasp is only at 8 covers.  Wasp as we know is vaulted, so I won't be getting her in tokens easily even with bonus heroes.

Normally I use hero points exclusively for new slots.  I don't need 3 new slots, but it would be nice to have those 3 to start cycling 2* more quickly, as well as pick up 1* Spider-Man for the team-up bonus for my Alliance.

I play all events.  I generally only look to score 575 in PvP for the command points.  Since her buff, Wasp has been top tier or near top tier.  I'm not sure if I should get another blue of hers or not.

Ideas, suggestions, comments?


  • abominatrix
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    Honestly, I think you've answered your own question. You have really good reasons to spend the HP elsewhere and it's not like getting the 9th cover for Wasp is life altering. 

    Unlike others, I am not morally opposed to spending the 3600HP; I don't spend HP on anything other than slots, I only need new slots when new characters come, and 100HP every couple of weeks is no big deal. That said, I only consider spending the 3600 to either take a character to 4/4/4 (so they can be bonused), or for the 13th cover. I did that not too long ago for Sue Storm, and I'm sure I'll do it again. But, if you don't have the complete 2* farm or an alliance that wants Spider-Man or 1* Widow team-ups, then that's a better use of your resource.

    If it were the 13th cover for wasp, the situation would be different; she is very useful with Carol, Meduas, Coulson and several others. But that's not where you are. Maybe the next time she comes around, you'll have a couple of more covers and you'll have more to think about.

    My 2 cents.
  • bigsmooth
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    I've bought a couple of the HfH covers, but ONLY to complete a vaulted character that was at 12/13 covers. Even if you're HP-flow positive, 3600 is a fairly steep price; Wasp is good, but she's not necessarily game-changing unless she's boosted.
    A fully functioning 2* farm will be much more beneficial to your roster long-term so I'd go that direction.
  • Wolarsen
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    Agreed with previous posters; id only purchase the last cover ( maaaaybe id consider if in 5/5/1 hell).

    With my HP i:
    - Purchase slots (new chars, 2*farm buffer, incoming 3* farm)
    - daily 100 HP offer hc token
    - daily pve vault if both 4* are yummy

    Only once i found myself with more than 4k HP and i bought a 10x pve vault tokens, where i had drawn 9 2* prizes...
  • max5esq
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    Hereoes for hire really only makes sense for the last cover or last 1 or 2 covers of the best heroes, It makes sense at cover 12 not at cover 9.