How much ISO per day?

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Okay, now that they've made a few changes, has anyone put together daily or weekly calculations? Let's say you do the following... how much ISO will you get?

3 or 4-Day PVE, 5 clears (max prog)
PVP to 700+
Shield Intercepts from monthly payment
Fully complete DDQ
Plus some extra matches of Sim PVP or Lightning Round

Same as above, but with 7-Day PVE?

I'm SCL 8, but if you have all SCLs, that will help people at all levels.


  • hunky_funky
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    That's not that easy to calculate. In a good day I can get 50k or above iso. That include pve, pvp, DDQ, champion rewards etc. Don't forget about S.H.I.E.L.D. rank ups, 2 star grind or opening takos. Lightning rounds and pvp battles gives you random reward (70, 140, 250 or 2*). Normally I would say it's something between 20k and 30k per day, but it's depends on many factors. You can't really get accurate number.
  • Calnexin
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    I'll take a crack at a conservative rough estimate based on current events.  

    - SCL8
    - Green checks on PvE in SCL8, place in 101-200
    - Complete Daily
    - 100 iso/match PvP average, 6 wins/day, place in 101-200
    - hitting 700 by the end of 3-day PvP
    - tokens valued at cover sale price, assuming lowest star rating
    - No value to HP or CP (assuming all goes to roster improvement, not counting champ rewards)
    - Play to 100 pts in 4 lightning rounds/day
    - SHIELD rank-up grants 30k Iso, and it takes you slightly over a week to rank up (approximately my rate doing the above).
    - Full alliance placing 101-250 for PvE, PvP, and season ranks
    - You hit the 10-pack in the PvP season

    You get
    - 3600/day from PvE progression and placement
    - 2000/day from PvE node reward
    - 1500/day from LR (actually 3000/day, cut in half for availability)
    - 600/day from PvP match wins
    - 1700 from PvP progression and placement
    - 4000/day SHIELD rank
    - 7600 from Daily
    - 500/day from season rewards
    - 3300 from alliance benefits (daily, PvE and PvP placement)

    For a ballpark of 24.8k/day.  That's the low end if you do the above.  The actual will higher due to higher values in tacos, champ rewards, alliance or personal performance above that stated, tokens that give better than a 2*,  whatever Iso results from expenditure of HP and CP, and the nature of the current PvE (Deadpool vs MPQ is a 2/2 split, so it omits one full cycle of node rewards).