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Does anyone know if there are regular sales for HP in the Resources? Does a sale just pop up randomly or is there any rhyme or reason to them?


  • sinnerjfl
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    There are not very many "sales" in this game, around holidays often, not much else.

    "Sale" also means only bonus HP/ISO, you dont pay less... which is not a sale :D
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    The only sale you can count on is the anniversary sale in late October/early November I think.  None of the others are ever announced.  They want you to spend immediately and not wait for a sale.  If you do happen to spend the day before a sale goes live you can put in a ticket and they will give you the bonus HP or ISO that you would have gotten.
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    If you are on iOS, there are often online sales for iTunes giftcards ($10 off $50 or $20 off $100).  That combined with the Bonus sales is your best bargain.
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    Thanks very much to all for the replies