Suggestion Box for iOS improvements

VariableJ Posts: 19 Just Dropped In
I'm 100 days in, playing on iOS and recently found this forum and wanted to post some suggestions for improving that version.  Anyone else with suggestions feel free to put them here.

I imagine the developers try to keep the code base for the game as similar as humanly possible for maintenance reasons so perhaps these issues appear in the Android version as well.

1.) Like another thread stated, the Alliance Chat interface is apparently broken. It is using the old iOS input panel and neither auto-correct nor word prediction function properly.  I sincerely doubt there is a good reason to not use the new input panel.

2.) The friendly and enemy AP is not visible without swiping left or right.  This is different from the steam version and it is vital information in many cases (esp when dealing with enemies who steal AP - No UI indications for this at all when it happens). I'd suggest either a vertical bar on either side of the screen or -- and this would be much more work -- a landscape mode that more closely matches the PC user interface.

3.) In-app Notification feed: When announcements or news are shown to the user, it is only a single dialog box with occasionally a link to a longer article. This means there is no easy way to go back and read more about the item if you forget or just briefly scan it. (For instance, you just need to get into the game and grind before an event ends and you just dismiss an important announcement).  A feed of the news and announcements in the app would give players a chance to go back and read up on important items (like when a game-breaking update is pushed out like R126).  You could also combine this with the reward notifications so that players could review their rewards won for the day or week.

4.) Countdown Tile ownership indication. Currently the quickest way to see what character owns a countdown tile is to cycle through the targeted enemies and see when they flash. I appreciate that it is possible since it is important but this is extremely clunky. Especially when you want to know about multiple CD tiles. I often need to cycle through twice to see tiles located on different sides of the board.  There are many possible solutions to this but one that comes quickly to mind is just a press-and-hold action on the enemy would highlight their tiles.

Enjoying the game, otherwise.