What score should i aim for in PVP?

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I currently have 4 four star champs (jean kate medusa and wasp) 18 3* champs and 2 fully covered four stars (spiderwoman and red hulk) with thanos my most covered 5 at 4 covers and rest of five stars 3 covers or less
What score should i be targetting in PVP (my 3* champs are all 207 or below)

my rooster



  • aa25
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    There are several factors that determine that in 4* land. One of them is whether the champed 4* is boosted that week. If you have a boosted 4* that week, you will be able to push higher than when you don't. Another factor is what slice you play. Available points are not the same in each slice.

    I would recommend you trying this out yourself by starting from what you usually do and add 50 more and sees how it goes. Keep in my that if you have the boosted 4* of that week, it will help tremendously.
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    You should be able to hit that most weeks without using shields*. If one or more of your 4*s are boosted, you might be able to hit 800 without shields, although you will quickly be knocked down from there. 

    *this all depends on when you play, and in what slice (eg. slice 4 has lots of points, as long as you don't try this in the last 3 hours of the event)