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    @Fedaykin what deck did you use?
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    Fedaykin said:
    this time around in this event i have won every single battle on node 3 using Tezz2... i just got him a week ago, and i think he is now my favorite, or at least in my top 5, along with koth, kiora, dovin bann, and nahiri.
    Since I got bored with my normal strategy I tried around a bit, and totally agree that Tezz2 is a very good option to win in 3.x without Cast Out / a god + mantle of webs / cycling. 
    He doesn't get all secondarys, of course (3.1: kills to many critters; 3.3: "two or less supports"..with him...)
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    Tezz2 cycling centers around New Perspectives and Curator of Mysteries, then add something that will build up in strength when you cycle, like Drake Haven, or Shadowstorm Vizier, or Horror of the Broken Lands (there are probably a couple others also), and/or have Faith of the Devoted... then fill your hand with other cycling cards, and maybe 1 or 2 non-cycling cards if they are really needed... 

    I have won against a level 60 opponent in daily Training Grounds on my very first turn using Tezz2...

    also, any PW that can use blue cards can be successful with cycling, as New Perspectives and Curator of Mysteries are both blue cards... I just got Tezz2 and I like him best, but Dovin Bann is my other top choice for cycling... Kiora works very well, too...
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    Ah, so you went with cycling, meaning skipping some secondaries... Makes sense, as cycling decks are capable of winning, but not so of obtaining some of the secondaries...
    I have cycling engine and required PWs, so will most probably go your way next time - after all 30/50 sure ribbons are better than 40/60 that I need to be lucky for :E
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    no, i didn't skip secondaries... i was perfect on node 3.1 and 3.2, and on 3.3 i just got the win for 50 the first time, but after i added a kill cr spell, i got all objectives there except once, when i cast one extra support without thinking...