New heroes/Villains, not more revamps

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MPQ devs,
Please stop making new star versions of same heroes that don't have radically different art, or something awesomely unique, when we still are missing so many great heroes /villains.

No more Hawkeyes!!! I never liked any Hawkeyes, even with Jeremy Renner giving it his best.  I'd guess very few folks are elated to see a 4*  Hawkeye vs a Hulk & Hawkeye wins.  It's just something to hate.

So here's my list of wanteds: Alpha Flight team, Watchers, Inhumans, New Mutants, Apocalypse, 4 Horsemen,  Creeper, Abomination, Modok, Claw, Namor/Submariner, Adam Warlock / Magus / Pip, orig Xmen Thunderbird, Banshee, Kitty Pryde, Jocasta, Toad, Blob, Havok, Vanth Dreadstar, Syzygy Darklock, Negasonic, etc.

Marvel has so much great source material!!!  But making 4-5 Venom clones is actually frustrating for players who only want the one good one & would happily chuck (*TRADE???) the others.  (And if you ever re-did Juggernaut as a 4*, just upgrade everyone's 2*'s instead!!!!)

And also why can't we field multiple versions of heroes -- except Wolverines?  (And please, no more Wolverines!!!!)


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    At least make the cover art for 5 stars and 3 stars radically different.  How many times have you been half asleep and chosen the wrong Thanos or Strange?

    But yes, agreed, but I think they may be limited by whatever Marvel decides to *tinykitty* out.

    *Removed inappropriate language - Ducky
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    It's easier to make sure your art assets are finished within the 2 week deadline if all you have to do is copy and paste existing character art & change the hairstyle
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    Pogo said:
    It's easier to make sure your art assets are finished within the 2 week deadline if all you have to do is copy and paste existing character art & change the hairstyle
    Yeah, I meant whatever you call the character icons you select when choosing your team.   And yeah, I see the point, and if I played with my glasses on, I would actually see the damn stars on the icon as well.
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    Adam Warlock might well show up at some point, since he was teased at the end of GotG2.
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    I don't mind the rehashes so long as the power sets are distinct.  3/5 Thanos, Starlord, and Hawkeye are the "gold" relationship, traditionally deemed the "lazy" versions.  I'm really not a fan of that.  It's double-dipping on the business side, and hardly warranted by demand.  I doubt anyone wanted 4 different versions of Hawkeye.

    The reused art is disappointing.  Maybe there's a business reason for it, though.  Could be they're allowed to go ahead with the basic art and just change the costume so long as it's appeared in the comics, but a new pose/frame would require they pass it by Marvel for approval.  Or even have to commission it from the original artist?
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    Gambit; Sabretooth; Rogue; Cable; Sunspot; Omega Red; Silver Samurai; Firestar; Emma Frost; Kitty Pride; Namor; White Tiger; Electro; Sand-Man; Valkyrie; Domino; Vulture

    Or Updates:
    Wolverine *** > Sabretooth
    Daken *** > White Tiger
    Human Torch ** > Emma Frost
    Cap.Marvel ** > Firestar
    Blade *** > Cable
    Bag-Man ** > Sand-Man
    Storm *** > Electro
    Punisher **** > Silver Samurai