I have some issues

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Seriously, restrictions on card types for events? You need to give players a new (and at the least a single FREE additional) deck slot for these restricted events; with the added ability to sort your cards by event restrictions. I think you also need to reimburse those who have invested in the "restricted" card types in some way. I would have saved my mana runes for such an eventuality had I know. Instead I am stuck with a 4k+ rune investment on cards I cannot use. Worse is almost ALL of my best cards are now relegated to not always playable, with the card type of depends on expansion synergy.

I busted my **** trying to earn rewards for "exclusive" cards that NOW I have limited use of. I would also have purchased planeswalkers and expansions NOT on the restricted list in lieu of ANY additional expansions had I know this would be the case in the future.


  • ErikInVegas
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    Agreed.  It's a huge time waster because the Build a Deck for this event doesn't save that deck from round to round in this event.