Dislike Stealth Updates

Hi Development Team,

I really like your game but there is one thing I absolutely hate in games: And that's stealth updates that change things in the game without the player getting notice in some kind. The reason why I write this is because you changed the costs for more cover slots drastically (from 250 to 400 for the 29 slot?). I can only assume the reason is it makes the game harder to play f2p and have space for all covers and if new player would know that the cover space was cheaper at some point they might feel betrayed or something. I can understand reasons for making it cost more Hero Points, but not be noticed about this i can't understand. So please be more honest in the future, because in my eyes the way that worked was foul play.


  • I second this, it's frustrating and prevents informed decisions. Especially if it affects ingame purchases.