VanillaSwirl recruiting for T50 PVE alliance

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Hello all,

VanillaSwirl is seeking a couple of permanent recruits for our T50 (sometimes T25) PVE alliance.
We are seeking players with the following requirements:

- Lvl 60 or better Shield Rank
- Able to hit full progression + extra if possible on old character events
- Reach 1.4x on New character events (6 to 7 clears per node) with optimal play if possible.
- Be willing to use the "Line" app to communicate with the team
- No PVP requirements (although we usually finish t250 for pvp)

-Also willing to accept Perma-Mercs if they can be available for all subs

We have a great foundation and drama-free player base that is easy to get along with and very willing to give suggestions or advice if needed. We also get all rewards in boss-events (or at least 15/16 in civil-war).

commandpointspng Please PM me if interested (or send message to jdob84 on Line) and come be a part of a great group! commandpointspng


  • Jdob84Jdob84 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 32 Just Dropped In
    We have a spot that just opened up! Apply now!
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