Additional things to do - FEED OUR ADDICTION!

swordfishdata Posts: 48 Just Dropped In
On a day like today, I have very little to do except make sure that my infant doesn't manage to kill himself, and would love to play MPQ while keeping one eye on him. However, I have nothing but simulator (too early in the season to shoot for progression much higher than 600), or the new PVP (which I'm waiting to jump into).  

It would be nice to have constant lightning rounds, or persistent heroic prologue levels that we could grind against for nominal ISO (even if it was just 70-140/fight) would go a long way towards feeding the addiction. 

Anyone else have ideas on ways to continue playing once you've hit 4 clears on PVE, and are waiting for PVP shields to expire?


  • xidragonxi
    xidragonxi Posts: 253 Mover and Shaker
    Just play sim for fun. Climb as high as you can and then lose a bunch of matches on purpose and start over.  It's not too early to climb to 2000 anyway.