Forced to Recruit when free roster slot is available [Solved]

rhensell Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
Maybe this isn't new, but I just noticed it recently.  I sold off a couple of two-star roster slots to make room for covers I'm hoping to obtain in the near future, but now when I receive a cover of a character that I don't currently owne as a reward from an event, I don't have any other options available to me other than "Recruit".  I even tried to close the app on my phone instead of hitting the recruit button, but when I re-launch the game, I see that cover has been auto-recruited to my roster.  I assume this isn't the intended behavior, is it?


  • Tombstone
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    If you have an open roster slot and receive a Comic Cover to a character that is not currently on your roster, it will be auto recruited to fill the empty slot. This is intended game functionality.
  • rhensell
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    Seems a little inconvenient if I have to keep selling auto-recruited covers to save the slots for characters I am reserving the slots for, but okay, I guess I can deal with that.
  • bowla33
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    This has always driven me crazy too. I don't have 1* because I don't want them. Auto-recruit should be an option we can disable.
  • bigsmooth
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    Just keep a 1* in each slot at a single cover and sell it when you need the slot. It's less of a hassle than selling one every time you earn a cover.