Team_Reaper1 pve Top 100/At times top 50 depending



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    1 per spot left will get top 100 for nightcrawler cover look us up if interested. If full pm it may be a newbie will make full on here if we are

    we are open to public at the moment for easy entry  Serious rosters only please. Need to hit 1.2X max progression every time.  And 1.4 on new cover events. If that's you please check us out

    If full line me at teamReaper

     Thx hope you check us out. Team_Reaper1
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    Why was I removed from the group?
  • American42American42 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    • Team_Reaper1 is recruiting!  We're a t100 PVE alliance and just need a couple members to to backfill some we had to cut lose for not making the requires progression.

       - old cover events 1.2 of max progression is required. new cover is 1.4 or higher depending on the scores at the time. We also are understanding that things happen from time to time and are not quick to boot. but communication is key.

       - No PVP requirement

       - Line chat - fun group of players

       - Helpful tips/recommendations

       - Must be willing to step down for an event if needed or something comes up.  We understand things happen

      If your interested please ask to join when I see you pending I will let you in. Once in please message on ig chat you answered our add on mpq. My ig name is grimmreaper
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    Hey Anyone from Team_Reaper1 still around?

  • VinsantVinsant Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    I am 4* player, still have available slot? 
  • guzktguiguzktgui Posts: 35 Just Dropped In
    Team_Reaper1 is recruiting!

    Unfortunately grimmreaper is no longer in TR1, we had a stampede, now we are looking to rebuild. We have 10 strong players and a whole family on Line chat.

    We want to be a Top100 PVE for Alliance and New Character events, the target is 1.4 max. progression, other than that keep it cool

    Please message me and welcome!

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