Update To Powers That Interact With Team-Up Tiles *Updated (5/12/17)

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Hi Everyone

Back in February, we made a change to powers that target random Basic tiles to no longer include Team-Up tiles as targets. We have decided to revisit those powers, and have updated a couple of them. This change will be seen in tomorrow's daily patch.

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

  • Hex Bolt - Can still only target Basic tiles, however random tiles selected around the targeted tile can now destroy surrounding Team-Up tiles.
  • Arcane Incantation - When the Countdown tile activates, it can now convert surrounding Team-Up tiles, as well as other Basic tiles, to Purple Basic tiles.

War Machine (James Rhodes)

  • Gatling Gun - When the Countdown Tile activates, it can now destroy surrounding Team-Up tiles, as well as other Basic tiles.

Update: Hi Everyone. I spoke with the developers on this topic, and I wanted to pass along some insight into their design intent behind changing how certain abilities interact with Team-Up tiles.

The change was originally done due to the fact that Team-Up tiles are not considered Basic tiles, and we wanted to standardize the experience. After looking at Scarlet Witch and War Machine's powers, we decided that the change impacted the characters negatively, and they were originally designed to be more random than what the initial change allowed. By restricting the converting or destroying to only Basic tiles (to exclude Team-Up tiles), it stifled the randomness and we opted to revert the change for those powers. 

The powers that were not updated were meant to be targeted powers and restricting the powers from targeting Team-Up tiles fell in-line with the original design. However, we did not intend [for] the change to be "nerfs." We would like to spend more time with the powers that weren't updated in the future, due to the player sentiment on it. We will re-evaluate the impact the change had on other characters like Quake and Cyclops (Classic)

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