RulersOfAsgard is looking for PVE members

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  RulersOfAsgard  is a new alliance that wants to focus on character progression for all of its members. When I first started playing this game two years ago, I was a part of an alliance with this mind set and it really helped me to improve my roster. There were no requirements except that you play every day and contribute. The members realized that every one has a life outside of this game and to make each member treat it like a job takes the fun out of it for most. With everyone contributing just for the fun of it, everyone was earning covers and hero points each event without spending real money. Over time, the alliance dwindled and I have been searching for one like it ever since. A couple of failed attempts in, I decided to make my own.
   I am an adult with a full-time job and family so you won't find me playing this game 24-7. I am passionate enough to have amassed (7) 5*, 80% of all 3* championed, and am currently working on getting my first championed 4*. My roster currently sits at 96 covers and my shield level is 56. 
   We are looking for new players that are focused mainly on PVE. I don't PVP but you do you. It is not required to participate in the alliance chat but I will always be available to answer questions and offer advice. This is not just an offer to new players. I know there are some sherpas out there who are interested in offering help just like I am. I offer the invitation for you to join us as well. My personal goal out of this is to see just how far we can take this group with those that enjoy the game and just want to have fun.
   RulersOfAsgard is a public group. Just join up and have some fun.

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