Best 3 star team to kick 199 Carnage's tiny kitty?

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Any cheap tile removers with enough health to get the job done?


  • Landale
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    My favorite character against Carnage for a while was Daredevil.  I have him champd, and would buff his purple to 5, so he would remove 6 enemy tiles and do damage for each one.

    Another tile remover is Doc Ock...use his manipulation to destroy each special tile he swaps (and does damage for each tile destroyed)

    Another would be Steve Rogers (Cap)- overwrite the attack tiles - pair him with IM40 to charge up Steve's powers.

    Dr. Strange can remove tiles, but not as well as DD.

    Bullseye is good for removing tiles and doing damage as well.

    Board shakers can also sometimes help - Loki, Rocket and Groot, Hulk, and She-Hulk (sometimes).

    I personally used Daredevil, IM40, and Cap when I was in 3* land (in transition to 4* now).  Use Cap (or Daredevils) blue to stun Carnage or Doc Ock (and overwrite special tiles if Cap), use Cap's red to kill Doc Ock first (and to overwrite tiles), and use Daredevils purple to undo enemy tiles and do damage to the enemy.

    I'm not sure about what your roster looks like, but that's how I dealt with it then.

    Edit: there aren't really any "cheap" tile removers.  Daredevil and occasionally Doc Ock will give you the most bang for your buck, imo.
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    Daredevil or Spidey work well. Carnage can't make special tiles if he is stun-locked, after all.

    And daredevil can stun and remove specials... 
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    My classic team for most Carnage node is Lcap + Im40.

    For this specific node (Carnage + Dr Oct + Ultron), stun Carnage and down him first. Dr. Oct can't really do much if you don't have special tiles around for him. The key point of this node is to try to minimize spamming power if Carnage is not stunned. So that both Dr. Ock and Ultron will have nothing to work on.
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    I used to say Carnage was easy to deal with as long as you brought a stunner. After his rework that is less true as he still pumps out a lot of attack tiles fast, but at least it stops him from making any more.

    Daredevil or Steve Rogers are probably your best bets.

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    Could always try 3* Luke, Iron Fist, and Falcon. Let their Passives seal the deal until you have enough AP to knock him out. 
  • Quebbster
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    Cleonarvi said:
    Could always try 3* Luke, Iron Fist, and Falcon. Let their Passives seal the deal until you have enough AP to knock him out. 

    I don't Think Iron Fist needs to be there since Carnage will be pumping out attack tiles fast, so you will at most get one use out of Exquisite Techique. Luke and Falcon is a good start though.
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    Don't forget that he's making cheap attack tiles for your team as well. You can buff them, or augment them with strikes. Daken or Rocket and Groot could be good options since they both create strikes and can also true heal from the attack tile damage.

    I know most people don't have him covered yet, but 3* Star-Lord is probably the single best counter to Carnage in the tier. He can steal tiles, burst heal, and his green will destroy enemy special tiles but leave the friendly ones.
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    Doc Ock

    IM40 yellow -> Patch Green/Red -> Doc Ock blue

    bye bye Carnage
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    Ugh!!  Why didn't I think of DD!!!