R126 Release Notes (5/8/17)

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Hi Everyone!

Here are the Release Notes for the R126 update!

(Disclaimer: If you are on iOS, please do NOT update to R126. Updating causes save files to become temporarily inaccessible. A fix is currently in development.)

MPQ 126!

“All new Guardians of The Galaxy Events and Characters!”

What's Changed:

Fixed several small issues with Heroes for Hire

  • Only 4-Stars are visible when leveling to S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 30.
  • The correct 4-Star character is visible when leveling to S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 30.
  • Daily Bundles will always display the bundle ending the earliest on the left.
  • Purchasing a bundle that gives tokens will properly update the Navigation arrows at the top of the screen if there was not any tokens to redeem previously.
  • The 'Ends In' time on the Chapter Select screen will now always display the correct amount of minutes.
  • The text displayed when every bundle has been purchased is now centered correctly
  • The button in the Heroes for Hire Store now has a "Pressed Down" animation when selecting it.

The game should no longer crash when minimizing the game while it's loading.

Passive power behavior has been updated to address some inconsistencies with how Passive powers play off of each other, as well as addressed some issues where Passive powers were not firing during match cascades. 

The Next Level text for Wolverine (Old Man Logan)'s power Reluctant Hero now more accurately lists what the next level of the power will be.

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