Explain benefits of hoarding to me please



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    I've been working on my 4*s for the last 5 months and quickly realized that I can open Legendary tokens faster than I could level up those characters, so I logically started hoarding LT and CP since then.  I still use some CP to open Classics every week, but I no longer exceed my ISO production rate, which is about 35K+ per day.  

    I also came to realize that the best way to transition to 5*s is to hoard and then open a few hundred Latest Legends in order to champ the latest 5*s.  This is a very long term goal though, but I'm getting there slowly.  Because of vaulting, my plans have changed a bit.  Before I open a few hundred LT's, I should have most of the latest 4*s champed, PLUS extra ISO to champ the rest in order to avoid selling covers. 

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    1) If you don't have a slot, don't have nearly enough hero points to get a slot, and are considering opening a token that may get you something worthwhile that requires a slot, then hoard.

    2) If the token in question changes its rewards periodically (such as a taco token) and the rewards you want aren't currently showing, then hoard.

    3) If the token in question uses a vault mechanic (taco tokens again) and relatively few of the prizes mean much, and you want to maximize your chances for the prizes that do mean something to you, hoard until have enough to swing hard.  Then pull only until you draw one of the meaningful prizes.  Stop and begin hoarding again.
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    I would argue that it isn't so much about hoarding having benefit as it is about it just being an ugly necessity of the game if you don't want to waste an absolute ton of 4* covers. I'm now in a situation where all of these characters are ready to be championed:

    Carnage 4/5/4
    Gwenpool 5/4/4
    Mordo 4/5/4
    Spider-Woman 3/5/5

    Very close:
    Medusa 4/4/4
    Ghost Rider 2/5/5
    Wasp 5/2/5

    I'm in this jam because vaulting is pure dog vomit.  I opened a ton of tokens in order to finish my Peggy and my Carol and made it by the skin of my teeth. I also finished Red Hulk and Nova recently so I had to come up with a ton of iso to champ those four. I have two Gwenpools dying on my vine and i have 321,000 iso so I should be able to make it. Before vaulting I never got a backlog like this because while the pool is way too big and empty when all 47 4*s are in it, it's now way too stagnant when there are only 12. So you have to hoard or you're going to lose 15 Mordos or Gwenpools or whatever. Before vaulting I'd be pumping all my iso into Medusa and Wasp because they are both really great. Now I can't because I have to put it in Gwenpool who I don't care about nearly as much. Plus, Wasp is about to go away so I'm going to be stuck trying to pull that last blue I need at minuscule bonus odds. I think the devs did this because they want us buying more iso, much like they shanked Old Man Logan because he saved us from buying health packs.  If they really cared about dilution the fix was simple.


    Unclench a little and realize this isn't a 2* game anymore and give us some real odds to draw 4*s and then stop giving us ridiculous "prizes" like 140 iso as a progression prize in a Boss Event.
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    I am in the bucket of hoarding cp and lt's because I don't want to waste covers for lack of iso. I am on day 830 or so, and have wasted 1 4* cover because I didn't have iso to champ him. It was agent venom and I got the progression cover for wasp and champed her instead. I am actually sitting on another Avenom - still not sure I want to champ, but probably will if I get to the 375k iso without another option. Meanwhile lt's and cp pile up. 
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    Everyone is stating similar reasons...  players hoard so they can spend their resources more efficiently. 

    In the early game hoarding is common in the scenario where you don't have all the 2* or 3* characters and don't have a free roster spot.  Hoarding will let you pull that token at a later time when you can keep it.

    A little later in the game when multiple heroes start getting 13 covers they have to be championed before they can use that 14th cover, your ISO pool quickly becomes depleted and you're waiting on ISO to champion characters, so now if a token was pulled you may have to sell it due to being unable to champion the hero in time to use it for a level and bonuses.  Hoarding will let you pull that token at a later time when you can use it.

    Later still vaulting becomes a mechanic players have to deal with, first it was the limited vault of latest legends, a token that only ever features 3 5* heroes, but keeps the 5* pull rate up at 1 in 7...  This is the most effective way to concentrate covers on a 5* character, and the vaulting is a limited time thing as characters rotate out, which means to concentrate on specific 5* characters its most effective to save up a lot of pulls for one particular point in time.

    Recently 3*s and 4*s became vaulted as well, people will hoard tokens to avoid wasting them on pulling a 4* that is about to be retired if they don't like the character, as it will be unlikely they will ever see the benefits of championing them now.

    Hoarding for stores that are presented in a vault format makes sense if you don't like the current offering, because the same tokens will be saved for the next time that vault is offered, with different rewards.

    Game mechanics change, and over the long run things tend to get easier (recent vaulting change notwithstanding) Hoarding will capitalize on those kind of changes, there was even a time when tokens changed and hoarded standard tokens were promoted to hoarded heroic tokens...

    Finally I've talked to some people who just find it more fun to pull a whole bunch of tokens at once instead of pulling them as they get them, so they hoard even standard tokens and pull a 100+ at a time.

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    "Hoard" is the one word advice that works across all tiers of play.

    Initially, you hoard because you don't have roster space.
    When you open a token, the chances are insanely high the it will be a character you don't have rostered yet.  So, you have to sell the character because you don't have enough HC (Hero Coins) to be able to afford the new roster space.  So you hoard tokens until you have enough HC to afford a new slot.  This guarantees that if you pull an unrostered new character, you can roster them.  When this happens, you buy the new roster spot, stop opening, and start hoarding again.  Having to sell a 6th cover of a rostered 2 Star character does sting, but they are so common now that you'll get plenty of chances.

    In the 3 to 4 Star transition, this mindset remains, however you also start to see the problems the end game has.  Being forced to sell a 6th or 14th cover of a 3 Star character hurts a bit more now, especially if it's a top tier one (like Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Thanos, etc.)  Still, the driving factor is roster space, so hoarding HC is still the goal.  And depending on how of a "gotta catch 'em all" mindset you have, you'll be here a while.

    Once you're at a point where roster slots are not so much of an issue, that's where hoarding kicks into high gear.  Being forced to sell a 6th or 14th cover of a 4 Star character is awful.So, to mitigate this as much as possible, you have to hoard ISO so that if this happens, you can instantly champ that character so you can use the cover. The one thing you can't avoid, even with hoarding, is the 6th cover for a non-covered maxed character.  Well, I suppose you could, but that involve MASSIVE hoarding, so that you can try and brute force the RNG to give you a different cover for that character so you can champ them and then use that 6th cover you pulled before.

    This is the situation I am in.
    I have all but 4 vaulted characters cover maxed.
    I have 7 of the active 4 Stars champed, and the others are 1 or 2 covers away.
    The problem is that I keep pulling 6th covers.
    And, even if I were to get a 14th cover, which would force me to champ that character to avoid wasting the cover, I don't have enough ISO to level them.

    So I hoard...  Everything = ISO, HC, Tokens, etc.
    The only time I go on a Legendary Token spending binge is right when a 5 Star is about to get vaulted.  So, in a week or so, before 5-Lord kicks out Thanos, I will spending whatever LT's and CP I have trying to get as many 5 Star Thanos covers I have, and hopefully I'll have enough ISO by them to champ any 4 Stars I pull excess covers for.

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    aa25 said:
    • I've been hoarding for two months now (or 3?) (1380 CP and 45 LT) In my case, due to vaulting, my unusable draw rate was like 80% at one point 

    Summarizing again
    Reasons to Hoard:
    1) aim to full cover x    - eg - I want to full cover Cloak and Dagger.  (wait until I have x LT/CP then binge)
    2) avoiding unliked covers  -  eg - go away agent venom.  I will scream if I get you again and waste my CP. 
    3) avoid Unusable covers.  eg - I don't have ISO so I can't champ these guys that I will likely get. 

    Reasons not to Hoard
    1) I can use almost anything I get
    2) I have slots to fill (like that happens)
    3) I have enough Iso to champ anything I get
    4) the likelihood of an unliked/useless draw is minimal

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    My short answer is that I hoard to minimize the chances of having to sell a cover for Iso-8. I hate to sell unusable covers. I hated it when I was in 3* land and I hate it more now that I'm in 4* land.

    I used to never hoard. My long term goal is to champion all the 4*s, before vaulting I didn't hoard because I almost always got usable covers when I opened a token. Of course sometime I would get a 6th plus cover for someone who didn't have 13 covers and I'd sell, but that was rare (still sucked when it happened). When I got a 13th cover for a 4* I would think about using Iso-8 to champion them, when I got a 14th I would make it the priority.
    Now with vaulting I can cover the latest 12 before I have the Iso-8 to champion them. So I decided to start hoarding.
    At the end of the season before this one I had gotten the 13th cover for Peggy Carter and Luke Cage. I had also gotten the 13th covers for Star Lord and Iceman. I decided that I would hoard for as long as I could hold out, or (best case scenario) until I had championed the four of them. I focused on Peggy first because I had a cover in my queue.

    Fast forward to about 4 weeks later. I have finished championing the 4 of them plus Wasp who I max covered for rewards and lucky heroic token pulls. I have 18 latest legends and about 500 cp.

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