Heroes for Hire worth it to get that 13th cover?

The Viceroy Returns
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So, I have a 3 5 4 Agent Venom, and today the Heroes for Hire is Agent Venom Red for 2500.

I don't recall what the consensus was on whether this is a wise investment if the HfH is the final cover of a character.

I have over 45,000 HC, so that's not necessarily a concern.
I have most 4 Stars at least cover maxed if not champed, including about 6 or 7 of the non-vaulted 4 Star characters.
Yes, I know Agent Venom is terrible, but maxing & champing him will prevent wasted 4 Star covers from Legendary pulls, and his champ rewards will slowly advance resources as a whole.  Until he goes into Vault Purgatory.

I'm not trying to revive the debate & drama about Heroes for Hire costs and all of that.
Simply asking if for 2500 HC, should I get it to finish off a character?  I remember back in the day one used to be able to buy covers with HC, and I think that was 2500 HC as well.  So based on that, maybe it's not a bad deal?
Otherwise i'm waiting on RNG to get me a Red or Yellow, which hasn't been kind to me so far (The last 5 Agent Venom coves I've gotten have been Black...)  


  • bigsmooth
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    I think the HfH store is a bit more valuable for vaulted characters that you can't get from tokens, but if you just need that one cover to finish a character without relying on RNG, 2500 is not a bad price. If you have 45,000 hero points then I'd certainly go for it.
  • Smudge
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    Unless I had a guarantee from progression rewards or wherever that the final cover was going to be coming in from somewhere, I wouldn't honestly bat an eye at dropping 2500 HP on the store if I had 45000 banked.  I spent 3600 for the initial deal when I had over 10k HP, and it didn't even help me finish covering 4Fist or anything.  The HFH store is a better deal overall imo than some of the junk they've thrown our way since the cover is guaranteed.
  • The Viceroy Returns
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    Better deal assuming your cost is 2500 and not 3600 like random people got.
    I was thinking it was a decent buy, but just making sure.  I don't really have anything to spend HC on aside from the random roster slot here and there.  Rarely buy shields, so that's why I have so much.
  • Ducky
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    If I were you, I'd do it. 2500 (or 3600 for that matter) isn't too much to finish off a character imo. The extra goodies in the deal make it even better as you may get some unexpected bonuses. If you can finish off a character and avoid having to sell dupes, I'd take it every time!
  • Magic
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    With that HP stash it makes perfect sense to spend on a cover that would finish a character. Especially 2,5k price tag that is the same as in the past (when HP were much harder to come by). 
  • Huntah86
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    Any time HFH can finish a 4* I say it's worth it even if it's not the best character.  I even dropped the 2500 on a black Kingpin cover since mine had 11 covers but only 1 black.  Agent Venom is better than most people give him credit for though, he's got a very niche utility, when champed and at 5/5/3 his black can do 4k+ for only 5 black AP. I pair him with Thanos to take out the 3rd and sometimes 4th nodes in PVE pretty quick.
  • The Viceroy Returns
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    I did end up pulling the trigger, and then champed him.
    And what did I get with one of my two Totally Awesome tokens?  Agent Venom Black.
    At least this time it didn't go to waste.

    Thanks for the advise everyone.
  • ZootSax
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    I was actually about to post a similar question.  My 4* transition has badly stalled with vaulting.  I have three champed 4*'s (Devil Dinosaur, Nick Fury and Star Lord), but otherwise I have almost a dozen characters in the 10-12 cover range, but only two are currently in tokens (Wasp w/12 covers 5/3/4, but being vaulted in the next 24 hrs and Mordo w/10 covers 2/4/4).  All but two (Mordo and Thor) of my 10+ cover 4*'s have at least one ability at 5 covers, making BH a bit of a risk for wasted covers.

    In the next couple weeks, it would appear that 4* Thor's red will be in the Hero for Hire package, which would put my 3/4/4 Thor only one cover or any color from being champed (all three of my current 12-cover 4*'s, Ant-Man, Wasp & X-23, have 5 covers in their first ability, so HfH doesn't allow me to champ right away unless it rotates later on).   With my current 4* champs, I've able to hit progression in PVE with my scaling, but never place in the Top 100 due to inability/unwillingness to spend the time.  In PVP, however, my MMR makes getting even remotely close to 575 extremely difficult unless either Devil Dino or Star Lord are boosted, as I'm matched up against teams of better, boosted 4* champs and 5*'s up to ~Lv420, even when none of my 4*'s are boosted. 

    I feel like a champed 4Thor/~Lv200 IM40 team could be quick/effective enough for climbs to 575 for the CP, even punching above my weight.  Unfortunately, I'm in the 3,600 HfH group, so that would basically drain 90% of my available HP (after accounting for roster slots for Gamora's 4* and Rocket & Groot's 4*).

    What do people think?  Would 4Thor be worth the 3,600 HP investment or would she make less of a difference than I expect?  If it matters, 4Thor is currently my only BH and I've been averaging about 1 4* BH a month.

  • abominatrix
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    I like 4Thor; she works well with where you are in the progression (her, IM40 and the PVP character that works pretty well and should get you to 575 without a whole lot of trouble). Basically, IM40 is there to spam yellow, Thoress does the rest, just don't forget to throw blue before red and the amount of damage is impressive even when not boosted.

    If you can afford the HP, then using the HFH vault to get to 4/4/4 and then making a character a bonus hero is a legitimate strategy. I'm not going to get into the 2500 vs. 3600 argument (I'm on record stating that I'm begrudgingly willing to spend the HP for either this case or to get to 13 covers, although the right opportunity hasn't come around, and I'm in the 3600 boat). 

    I was running 575 in PVP when I was where you are without too much difficulty. I find that starting early and getting to 300 or so, and then pushing to 575 shortly after the 12 hour mark and getting out grabs the 10CP and if you get beaten down to 450 or so, who cares? 

    Anyway, it all comes down to what you're comfortable with. HP accumulates pretty quickly assuming you have the 2* farm, reasonable 3* levels, and play PVP as much as you have time for and PVE to 575 without shielding. I don't think you'll regret champing Thoress in any event.

    Good luck!

  • ZootSax
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    Thanks, abominatrix.