There must be a correlation... [Let's talk about Shield Rank]



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    Milk Jugz said:
    Milk Jugz said:
    Shield rank really has far less to do with roster strength now than it did at inception. If they wanted to use it to rate your roster you shouldn't gain xp from opening tokens and completing nodes or pvp battles. Probably should have two rankings- one for your roster and one for your gameplay- I know people who only play deadpool everyday, so they are earning about 80xp everyday (counting 5 nodes and 5 tokens, 1 3* cover added, and a couple covers from the token pulls, and not counting behemoth burrito or C0T). It will take longer to level up but is it because their roster is really that much better?? Or just because they play that one event everyday??

    Starting at 0, say you can beat just the first mission- you'll level up 2 ranks in about 4 days- is your roster that much better??

    Start at 25 where you need 500xp and you can beat the first 5- effectively you could rank up once a week for about two months then every 10 days another rank for about a month- is your roster really that good at that point?? Most of your xp is from beating the DDQ nodes, not actually leveling your roster up.

    The shield ranking system is broken from a how strong is my roster only standpoint, I do like the iso bump though about once a week for me!!

    Shield rank= 92
    5*= All but OML...... I sold him..... Let's not go there.....
    4*= Have all, 17 champed
    3*= Have all, 2 unchamped (Hawkguy, and SL)
    2*= Farming

    I instantly was bumped to over 50 when it first came out so I didn't know the early requirements for the starter Shield Ranks.

    Maybe they have to go the old school halo( true skill vs rank name)  approach with a Regular shield rank as it is and another node for true roster strength? I just wish there was another way to quantify the strength of ones roster.

    I was instantly bumped to 62, I looked up the xp requirements for starter rosters on the MPQ wikia page, lots of good info there!!

    We definitely need a way to quantify our roster strength besides shield rank- it helps but is diluted by all the different ways you can gain xp. I want to be able to tell my friend that plays that my roster is a level 85 without him saying well you finish pve missions and I don't so that's why your a few levels ahead of me. Or we have to start going through one character at a time- what level is your Peggy, how many covers do you have for Hulkbuster? How many champions do you have?

    Everybody likes to show off their roster- we've worked so hard for so long!! Give us an accurate way to brag!!!

    I'd like a number next to a characters name in PVP that displays there roster strength. That would be awesome.