Lost my planeswalkers

Kaheidt Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
Whatever change you made after the last maintenance made all but one of my Planeswalkers disappear. I still have the decks for them, but I have to buy them from the store again.


  • octal9
    octal9 Posts: 593 Critical Contributor
    If you haven't yet, you absolutely need to file a ticket about this. 

    @Brigby @Tombstone maybe have a look at this one?
  • Tombstone
    Tombstone ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 1,208 Chairperson of the Boards
    @Kaheidt If you are having problems with accessing your account, then I would strongly recommend reaching out to Customer Support so that they can restore your lost account back onto your device.

    When contacting support, be sure to provide the username of the previous and any unique details about your account such Planeswalkers and their levels and/or any Mythic Cards that you may have acquired.

    If you are still in the tutorial, you will need to proceed until you get to the point where you can view your UID number. When you can see this UID number, provide it as well to Customer Support so that they can use it to send your account back onto your device.