Allow reordering of Planeswalkers

First off, I love the new Planeswalker selection screen. Huge improvement to the previously laggy and slow version. 

What I'm suggesting is to allow customizable reordering of your planeswalkers. Dragging and dropping my most used planeswalkers to the top of the list would be really useful. Even easier, you could list them in order of most used to least used, instead of alphabetically. That would probably be much easier than the former, but both would be really nice!


  • Delnai
    Delnai Posts: 187 Tile Toppler
    I second this! Current planeswalker screen is big improvement over the previous, but reordering PWs would make it A+
  • Blorbleflorp
    Blorbleflorp Posts: 47 Just Dropped In
    Bumping this
  • AngelForge
    AngelForge Posts: 325 Mover and Shaker
    Probably a nice thing to have, but since scrolling is fast now, I wouldn't see a need to put manpower into this now.