Evergreen icons in opponents hand. [Devs Aware]

THEMAGICkMAN Posts: 697 Critical Contributor
You said you fixed this bug, but nope, is still there. You can still see the evergreen icons on creatures in your opponents hand. No steps to it, it just is. 

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  • Laeuftbeidir
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    Psst, don't tell them, I like that one!
  • Szamsziel
    Szamsziel Posts: 463 Mover and Shaker
    They fixed it. Now they are more visible and also they informed everybody about this feature so it's now a common knowledge. See? Fix!
  • Brigby
    Brigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,757 Site Admin
    Hi Everyone. The developers are aware of this issue still occurring in 2.0, and they are actively working on a fix for that.