New Store - Heroes for Hire (4/11/17)

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Hi Everyone,

Following the previous update to Deadpool's Daily Quest, we wanted to give players additional ways to improve their roster, but this time tying it closely to the DDQ character rotations that players have grown accustomed to. 

Starting tomorrow at 7:00 AM EDT, players will have access to the Heroes for Hire store page. This page gives players the option of purchasing a cover for a hero as well as getting some Tokens, Iso-8 and Command Points.

  • There's a new store in the "Recruit Heroes" section of the game called Heroes for Hire
  • Each day, a new hero is available to be purchased.
    • Players under S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 30 will have the opportunity to purchase a offer that includes a 3-Star cover. 
    • Players at S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 30 or higher will have the opportunity to purchase a offer that includes a 4-Star Hero.
  • These offers come with Tokens, Iso-8 and/or Command Points.
  • Starting Thursday, 4/13, the offers will be timed with the featured 3-Stars and 4-Stars of Deadpool's Daily Quest. 
    • The 3-Star offer features the 3-Star from Dat Required Character mission.
    • The 4-Star offer features the 4-Star from The Behemoth Burrito mission.
  • The first day of the offer will be special Heroes for Hire themed offer:
    • Offers for players under S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 30 will include Iron Fist (Immortal Weapon) and Luke Cage (Hero for Hire).
    • Offers for players at S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 30 or higher will include Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Luke Cage (Hero for Hire), The Hulk (Indestructible), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), and Black Panther (T'Challa).
In addition, this will be one of the rare times we decide to offer a direct avenue for acquiring a specific character you want.


  • Ripley27
    Ripley27 Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    Can I ask why are some ppl getting offers of 10k iso and others getting 4k iso? Seems like different deals for different players
  • murmit
    murmit Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
    Is this a timed pack or here to stay for good
  • Widget81
    Widget81 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Why are some people getting the offer for 2500 HP and others 3600 HP? 
  • twobites
    twobites Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    Those that seem to be getting the "3600 HP" offer includes 10k ISO, 4 Elite tokens, and 3CP. Those getting the "2500 HP" offer include 4k ISO and 1 CP, with no Elite tokens. In both cases, the user is higher than shield level 30 so it's unclear to me why you get one or the other offer.

    Some people are also seeing a bar at the bottom that seems to show upcoming Heroes for Hire deals, whereas others aren't. 

    This is all very unclear.
  • WirriesT
    WirriesT Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Also wondering how the game differentiates the offers. I might be willing to drop a little $$ for the 2500 coin offer. But I got the 3600. Let me be clear, I understand the difference of 1100 coins covers more ISO, tokens and 2 more CP. but still. 
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