This is why many so many of us are frustrated

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So, regardless of how you view the upcoming patch, or specifically the nerf of Baral, Chief of Compliance, here is an example of exactly why many of us in the community are so extremely frustrated with the support we receive.  I work in public service, and am well aware you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, so I very astutely, logically and politely made my case as to why the changes to Baral were significantly changing the dynamic and play style of the card and I would like a refund of my $29.99. I included TWICE (at the beggning and end of the support request) my IGN and UID. I half expected some brief and less than satisfying response as to why I would not get a refund, but I got the following, and I quote entirely,

"Dear D3 Go Customer,

Thank you for contacting D3 Go! customer support.

Can you please explain the issue your are experiencing in more detail? Please describe the process you used to incur the issue, and provide as much information as you are able to. 

Can you provide the following information:

-Your Device Make and Model (i.e. iPhone 5S)
-Your Device Os version
-A screen shot of the issue you are experiencing
-Your current account UID number

If you are unsure of where to locate your account UID number, you can find the information on the Settings Menu at the bottom of the screen. 

If you require further assistance, please  do not hesitate to contact us again and it will be a please to help you.

 Best Regards,
D3 Go! Customer Support Team (RBK)"

A few things:

1. It is very clear that my original well thought out request was not read AT ALL.  I have in fact received this EXACT response to other support tickets i have placed in the past, despite always providing this information requested in the first place with the original ticket.  This is akin to calling 911 and after asking for help at XXX address this XXX reason, as dispatcher saying, could you please provide me with your issue and address so that I can better help you? Call again if you have issues.  Thanks XOXO!"  I try to only request tickets with actual helpful information so as to streamline the process, and the repeated form letters without any attention to my actual request is to be perfectly honest very insulting.

2. "If you require further assistance, please do no hesitate to contact us again....."  Yeah, don't hesitate, but don't expect us to actually take the time to acknowledge me as an actual intelligent being capable of rational thought.   I do hesitate to contact you as I expect only a slim chance of actually being responded to with any attempt at the slightest bit of assistance.  

3.  I understand customer support has likely been flooded with tickets and angry players submitting all kinds of nonsense, but to assume that none of would clearly see through the "Best Regards" we get from support is at best foolish, and to imply it is the case if ridiculous.  I will maintain my position regarding Baral, but that is a mute point here. I am sure may other players have received the very same response as I, and is exactly these reason that we have reached the "Breaking Point" as players.

Thank you all for your time.  In bringing this up I hope only to improve this game that I have become so fond of, as we learn far more from our failures than we do our success.



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    Last point shortened a bit as I reread this am and started to rant. My apologizes.
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    I have also fallen victim to the "provide your UID, etc." response when I've already provided them. It's ridiculous. If they're going to give you stock answers, at least be honest and say "We can't address your issue right now because we're busy, we'll get to you in a few days" instead of pretending to solicit additional information that they happened not to notice.
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    "Did you try to turn on and off your device?"
    It's better answer than: "strange, it is working well for me"

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    @E1Q1G6 yes, thank you! You have very well summed about why the customer experience with this game is extremely offputting from the very first response email. 
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