Please improve OML; decrease requirements for claws to 6 yellow - Ends true healing quicker.

Having OML and BW as my only championed 5*'s, this NERF HURT.  OML was already slow based on his move set and therefore did not seem like the powerhouse that he (comically) should be.  I understand his True healing is was too powerful, but nerfing the damage he did was not the way to go because he is not comparable to the top tier 5* damage dealers and now he does even less.  I feel the Dev's were aware his true healing was too powerful and to compensate they drove him into the ground like Wolverines X-force (Wolverine has always been my favorite Marvel character and the 4* nerf hurt too, but not as much as a 5* nerf when they take so long to acquire).

Enough ranting, for the suggestion: Put his powers back to closer to per-nerf levels, but have his claws come out at 6 yellow AP instead.  This removes his true healing much quicker and allows his high damage black strikes to be removed before he acquires enough other AP to steam role the opponents.


  • mpqr7
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    That would be nice. The best part / most fun is when he transforms, but right now, it takes forever. I also agree that once his two teammates die and he loses his true heal, he should automatically transform. Someone else posted about this.
  • Jaedenkaal
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    Seems reasonable to me.
  • zodiac339
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    Why isn't this a toggle transformation? It could be:
    1. Activate Living Legend to transform powers. Powers return once Still Sharp is used, since he uses up specials (retracting the claws) when using that ability.
    2. Passive transformation like Military Might/Alien Weakness or Bloodlust/Bloodthirst. Hit the threshold and powers transform. Possibly attach to Black AP pool instead of yellow. Similar to the toggle, it means using Living Legend probably changes the powers back as the black AP threshold is crossed. Alternatively, put it on Die Hard and keep the yellow threshold. Players will have to make a conscious choice whether or not to use Old Habits and change powers back or stay in offensive mode.
  • Jaedenkaal
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    I'm assuming the Old Man Logan storyline involves only a one-time character transformation, after which he (eventually) dies under a pile of enemies as his healing factor finally gives out.