R124 Release Notes (4/10/17)

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Hi Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R124 update! Thank you for playing Marvel Puzzle Quest!

MPQ 124!

What's Changed:

  • The power description no longer fails to update when adding levels after switching alternate abilities in the Character Info screen.
  • When first entering the Roster Select screen, if the player has two versions of the same character (or one is being lent to the player for that mission) the game selects the character that has the highest level. If a different character is selected, that selection is remembered until the player enters a different mission.
  • Bonus Heroes that are being recruited after pulling them now properly are displayed when using the Fast Forward feature when opening a 40x pack.
  • Carnage's Power Alien Instincts is now available to be a Team-up or the Target of Colossus' power Fastball Special.

*Updated to Final Release Notes

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