Power Gem Season Updates *Updated (4/6/17)

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Hi Everyone,

The Power Gem Season will be adding Iron Fist (Danny Rand) and Hawkeye (Hawkguy) to packs, and Peggy Carter (Captain America) and Loki (Dark Reign) will be leaving packs.
There will be three characters receiving a character update this Versus Tournament Season: 
  • Elektra (Unkillable)
  • Carnage (Cletus Kassidy)
  • Wolverine (Old Man Logan). 
For the next two weeks, the sell back prices for each of these characters will be updated. We will also be introducing a new Cover store that players can take advantage of if they choose to sell their version of Wolverine (Old Man Logan).
For more information on why we are updating Wolverine (Old Man Logan), please go here: 
Message from Lead Designer on Character Updates (4/4/2017)
A preview of the changes are below:
Elektra (Unkillable) Update:
Double-Double Cross
The power now targets strike and attack tiles at power level three, and also targets protect tiles at power level 5. Converts stolen tiles into friendly Strike tiles.

Shadow Step
No Change

Ballet of Death
Trap tiles are created on Red, Black, or Purple tiles. The trap tile created by this power now steals Purple AP as well as damaging the enemy. 
  • At power level three, the Trap tile also steals Black AP.
  • At power level five, the power steals Purple, Black, and Red AP as well as damage the enemy.

Carnage (Cletus Kassidy) Update:
Symbiote Scythes
Symbiote Scythes only does single target damage to the enemy. When the team has over 10 Red AP, it does AoE damage to everyone.

Alien Instincts
This is no longer a Passive power. The power costs 5 Black AP and creates two friendly and two enemy Attack tiles. For every downed character, the power creates an additional friendly and enemy Attack tile.

Carnage Rules
The power now costs eight Green AP (instead of eleven).

Wolverine (Old Man Logan) Update:
Living Legend
The strength of the Strike tiles has been made weaker (more so at lower levels of the power).

Die Hard
The healing is reduced and the power now only counts other allies when calculating how much health to restore.

Reluctant Hero
No Change
Still Sharp
Base damage reduced.

Old Habits
The cost of the power is reduced to 6 Yellow AP. The damage is reduced to compensate the change in cost.

Finish the Fight
No Change

No More Guns Cover Store *New Update*

This is a special cover store that contains all 5-Stars except Wolverine (Old Man Logan). The sell back price for Wolverine (Old Man Logan) includes Iso-8 at an increased rate as well as tokens. You will get one No More Guns token at level 255.  You will receive an additional token at levels 287, 319, 367, 411, 427 and 439. Every two Champion levels will also give an additional token. These tokens are the only way to access this Cover store.

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