How many FB friends do I want?

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So I created a FB account for PQ and am using the cool icon somebody posted to the FB thread. I made a friend which turned into a ton of requests and suggestions. I'm up to about 30 right now but everyone I am friends with is in the multiple hundreds. Have one friend with over 1000! Shows how popular the game is but seems like those kinds of numbers makes it low percentage chance that you get picked for shared rewards. I guess if I get up in the hundreds too then that would work but I actually have a "real" friend in there that I want to exchange rewards with. I guess that is why some decided to just have 3 friends and stick to that. I was thinking 25 would work as well. What are you guys doing? Should I just forget it and bump up to the hundreds like everyone else?


  • I have kind of been wondering the same thing. I currently have around 25, so the people that I already have as friends that send me something will definately receive something back when I get a Share 25 and better odds on a Share 3. If I go back and accept the other 100 requests I got, will I get much more or will the people I currently get things from get annoyed that they are getting less from me and unfriend me?
  • The way I see it, the more you have, the more you receive. People can't expect every single one in their list to send them something regularly, but as long as some do, you will see the iso rolling in. Mmmm... free iso icon_e_smile.gif
  • Only problem with the theory is that I have a "real" friend that I want to exchange with - don't think that works well though unless you are in a group of 25 that all have 25 and play regularly. Think I'm on my way to making a lot more friends...
  • After picking up a couple of hundred new friends and having Facebook do a security face recognition quiz (that I somehow passed) on me to be sure I was for real, I seem to be getting less than when I had one real friend since we can't find each other anymore. I see why the other threads talked about just having a group of 3 so all rewards would be shared. If anyone wants to do that I'll unfriend hundreds of people and give it a shot icon_e_smile.gif
  • I get a ton more iso a day now with the FB group.