R123 Release Notes (3/27/17)

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Hey Everyone,

Here are the Release Notes for the R123 update!

MPQ 123!

“Two for the price of one!”

What's Changed:
    - Claim Your Rewards screen now shows Bonus Heroes icon on the covers you earned from bonus pulls. - When opening a multi-pack (10x, 40X, etc) the first cover now displays correctly.
    - This also addresses the issue where the Bonus Heroes weren’t showing correctly.
- Leveling up a character with ISO-8 immediately after purchasing ISO-8 will now show the correct level of the character.
- Animations and Pop-up banners now display at the correct time for most characters.
- Black Bolt (Inhuman King): The Motivation tile created by The Silent King will correctly unlock powers for characters that have powers without any power levels.
- Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy): Kick out the Jams is no longer eligible for a Team-Up. Kick out the Jams now activates multiple times if multiple Web tiles are matched away at the same time.

*Updated to Final Release Notes!
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