Sick of Baral

Monkeynutts Posts: 566 Critical Contributor
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I don't care if you tinykitty everything.

Sort Baral out. It's bollocks to play against in event!

How can you do an event node when you have to hardly and damage and ypur against Baral combo that goes off on turn two....and you take a truck load on that turn.

Its a f**king joke.

Your making this game less and less fun to the point and im contemplating uninstalling it and I thought id never delete this game cos im a big fan of MTG.

But D3 your garbage and you've made this game a money pit.
You don't fix anything you should. The glaring obvious issues you ignore and don't address.

Baral I think is the final straw for me.


  • oslayer
    oslayer Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    I totally agree. I am also about to quit the game . Baral is not "over-powered", its just broken.