*** Sam Wilson (Falcon) *** (Updated)



  • Pongie
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    I've also seen falcon trying to buff tiles when none can be buffed (just countdown tiles) when you make a yellow match. It seems if there are any friendly special tiles, that the animation will be played regardless if any can be buffed.
  • Rick_OShay
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    Nothing similar in the 4-star tier to Redwing. You can do a decent job at hiding 3* Sam behind others since his color scheme matches perfectly with the likes of Coulson, Prof-X, Ant-Man, etc. 
    Falcon's yellow can be quite good since you get tile buffing all while you are building yellow for someone else's skill. His main issue is needing to hold onto blue and not spending it (to keep redwing activating). 
    Therefore he plays quite well with Wasp since you'll be holding blue for her as well, and she can flip his protects into strikes with just 5 yellow.
    Opposite-color characters include Bl4de (recommended), Ghost Rider, 3* Punisher (not highly recommended).