Approaching Critical Mass

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I feel like between the new update and the new mechanics of the KLD and AER expansions we are quickly approaching a tipping point. I could try and write some diatribe about how the game is broken but I feel like it would just be repetitive as others have done it far better than I ever could but I also feel like these videos pretty much sum up the general current sentiment:

Player Satisfaction

Power Creep:


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    I can see a lot of time going into extracredit...damn you for hours of entertainment . icon_e_biggrin.gif
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    Wow I like the videos. Didn't know they had it for so long already. Thanks for sharing.
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    Excellent videos. Thanks for sharing
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    Ditto for that. Appreciate the links, they're great.
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    Thank you for posting these! icon_e_smile.gif
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    Given the thread topics and responses,i believe we are already at critical mass. Id say if nothing is done by the end of next week, this game is terminal.