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Would it be more fair to play decks in the same event as you?

It's pretty hard to compete if ur getting rail roaded by Olivia. Grier and Ulrich.
Especially on an Enrage game, plus on nodes where u need 20 or less hp to get a bonus ribbon.

Lost 2 already.
Red node Faced Ulrich Olivia and Decimator. Removed Ulrich and Decimator and i got a Tyrant of Valakut.
Blue node Ulrich Decimator then Ulrich again after I killed them.
These are fair for this event.


  • AettThorn
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    Yeah, as much as we've discussed it in the past, I feel like FiRF is one of the worst offenders, since it gives so little variation in deck building. Five vehicles hardsummoned+enrage is just asking for trouble when you might be going up against highly optimized decks.
  • julianus
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    Yep. I'm in gold tier, played 10 or 12 matches and saw three vehicles in total, in three separate matches.

    - one Saheeli Rai deck that played a Skysovereign
    - one Aethersphere Harvester
    - One sad little Aradara Express

    I saw many other rare and mythic creature cards played, but none were vehicles (which is fair, since I wasn't playing any either).
  • Monkeynutts
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    Im in platinum i saw in all my matches total.