difference between PvE and PvP

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What is the difference between PvE and PvP in Guild Wars 2? I'm aware that PvP means player vs player and I'm pretty sure that PvE means player vs enviornment. My question is, what do you do in each of those? From my understanding World vs World take place in PvP, while dungeon raiding and stuff takes place in PvE, is this true?
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  • Guild Wars 2? Well in MPQ...

    In most games, PvP is defined as Player vs Player with human's controlling the actions of both sides. In MPQ it's a little different, with PvP being human vs computer controled player teams.

    I agree that 'PvP' is a little misleading in MPQ but people are used to PvE/PvP terminology, so it gets used.

    In MMO's:

    PvP is true player vs player in a real time competive environment, either 'open' PvP in designated PvP servers or areas or in instanced PvP arenas.

    PvE is pretty much everything else - instanced dungeons, quests, hubs etc where you're up against computer controlled opponents or dealing with computer controlled NPCs
  • I don't think pvp requires direct interaction within battle. Think of mpq's pvp as more strategic oriented towards war rather than battle. The attack itself is an interaction, and choosing to retaliate is also an interaction.

    Mmos have similar interactions with ai. Gw2 you attack and defend npcs, dota you farm creeps, etc. The overarching format is pvp.