Insert language selection in game

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Hey guys, I am from Brazil and I really enjoy this game and the comunity.

But there is a small change that I would like to suggest that would help a lot non native english speaker.

Today the game for non english users utilizes the language settings of the phone to chose the language used in the game. My sugestion is to add an option in the game settings to use english instead of the phone settings language.

I think this is minor adjust to the game but would have great impact in non english users.

Today If I want to send a deck picture to my coallition that everyone could understand I have to exit the game go phone settings change language reload the game take picture then revert everything.

And I really would like to use the game in english all the time. For me would be a lot easier to remenber the card names using only one language.

I am sure others non native english users would like this option. And It would not afect the ones that preffer to use their native language instead of english.


  • Babo21
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    I agree with Pedro. Im portuguese and I have my phone set to english because I hate to use the game in portuguese. An ingame language setting would be a great addition.
  • bk1234
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    I work with players from all over the world and I had no idea this isn't a feature.

    Being able to communicate and play in your native language is a key to retention. Being able to switch back and forth would also be a great help to players trying to communicate with non English speakers on cards and such.
  • Jaff
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    I'm Brazilian too
    The same issue happen with me.
    I changed my phone language to get more interaction with my Coalition.

    As people said, it will help a lot of players around the world.
  • Eladamriel
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    I come from Germany and I know many of the cards by their english name but not all because i play paper magic.

    The language of my app is german and i'm in an english-speaking coalition and sometimes I just dont know the card when an english name is noticed.

    It would be really nice if you could switch the language of the game so that you dont have to search outside of the app for cards!

    Greetings Eladamriel
  • Dropspot
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    @Brigby this is a really easy change to implement and could improve a lot the experience for English speakers user from other countries.

    Also, I have found at least a couple cards with completely different versions in Portuguese than its original in english.

    Please consider passing this suggestion for the devs.
  • Brigby
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    Hi Everyone. Thanks for the feedback! I'll add it to the list and send it off to the developers.
  • Godscream
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    Bump. I see many old threads about this topic, but unfortunately still no in-game solution.

    Like many others mentioned previously, changing the language would help greatly when players from different nations are trying to talk about the same cards, events, game mechanics etc.